Plumbing installation work can be the most important part of a kitchen or bathroom installation. When you are improving or maintaining your home you sometimes will need to call upon the services of approved plumbers to assist with the difficult things that need professional assistance. Sensible fee for your bathroom or shower installation, and complete the work in your timescales can be very difficult. Plainview Plumbing and Heating Services were created to meet your needs for a totally trustworthy, professional, and reliable plumbing installation service with local plumbers at a reasonable price.


Leak detection and repair

Whether it is an underground burst pipe or a small pin whole leak we can help detect the problem point. Don't waste your time digging aimlessly let us pin point the leak, trust us it will save you time and frustration.
Water leaks show themselves in a variety of difference ways; a damp spot on the slab, an abnormally high water bill, a hot spot under the floor, discoloration of the wall, or a wet location in the yard. Whatever the signs may be we have the expert leak detection equipment to pin point your problem. Using a highly sensitive survey sensor we can locate your leak under slabs, in the ground, behind walls, and in ceilings.
The advantage to using a skilled leak detection service such as Plainview Plumbing and Heating is that we are able to minimize the impact to your home and landscaping. Homeowners always have visions of ripping out their driveway, cutting open living room floors, or breaking out drywall to locate a leak.